Should you involve your Family when Diagnosed?

Your spouse might be the only person you can comfortably talk about PD with but it is important to remember that he or she still has a life to live. The fact is that giving proper care to a person with PD can easily become a full-time job. Is that something you would want for the person you love? Considering that the one person who knows about your condition might also be involved in an income-generating activity, he or she could easily get overwhelmed despite their best intentions.
To avoid burdening one person, you should try and get as many people as possible involved in care giving. When several people are involved they benefit from the experiences and knowledge of others and all of them are therefore less stressed.
Get specialist help
There is a wealth of knowledge that doctors who handle PD patients have acquired over the years and you could benefit a lot from such knowledge. Unfortunately, the doctors and other medical personnel capable of helping a person with PD might not be very readily available. If you got help from an inexperienced doctor, he or she might fail to give you proper medication. For this reason, it helps to conduct your research to find out where you can find such professionals.