Sleep Disorders

Some Sleep Disorders That Afflict People with Parkinson’s disease And How to Deal With Them
If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease (PD), there are sleep disorders that you are likely to suffer from and identifying them will help you know how to deal with them. Some of these disorders are accompanied by varying degrees of discomfort but they are mainly manageable and with the help of your doctor you can lessen their effects.
While you could have created a routine time when to go to bed, the onset of PD might mean that you’ll go to bed at your regular time and take too long to fall asleep. Moreover, if you are suffering from stiffness because of the disease, it might harder for you to be comfortable in bed so that even when you eventually fall asleep you’ll find yourself losing sleep after just a short while.
The causes of insomnia are varied and could even be caused by the medication that you are using and it is therefore important to discuss it with your doctor. If you have been sleeping a lot during the day, this might also contribute to lack of sleep at night and a person with PD should limit the number of hours they sleep during the day. Moreover, what you drink as bedtime approaches could contribute to sleeplessness and you must avoid taking coffee close to your bedtime.