What should you do when diagnosed with Parkinson’s

Because of the way it affects both the patient and those around him or her, getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) can be truly traumatizing especially when the patient was not expecting such a diagnosis and has little knowledge of the disease. In fact most newly diagnosed patients are tempted to hide the disease from close family members thinking that such an action could be too shocking. What actions do you need to take when you learn that you’ve got PD?
Let people close to you know the truth
Hiding your condition from people around you could only be counterproductive. It might not be possible to hide your condition from your spouse, for instance. How can you when you have to take medication and actually depend on your spouse for caretaking? Your employer and colleagues should also be put in the picture. Depending on the stage your disease is at, you might find yourself needing o take more time off from work. When they know about your condition, people close to you will treat you with greater understanding.